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Lex Humanitariae: Journal for a Change

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Legal Developments

With the current level of legal awareness among the people, the political mood of the country has been going through a constant change. Staying abreast with the same becomes imperative for all.

Judgement Analysis

Judiciary has been going through historic changes lately and the same must be neutrally analysed. With the emergence of judicial activism, the public perception has become crucial in the law making process. This makes the analysis of judicial decisions a critical task for us.

Statute Analysis

Important legislations are made everyday and the same must be read with precision and care. Laws are made with specific intent in mind and it is our responsibility to decipher the same.

The fact that law as a subject is dynamic and ever evolving makes it imperative for lawyers, academicians, researchers, and students to stay abreast of recent developments. The same thought process has led us to develop a dedication towards topics of current legal importance

We strive hard to stick to the core of the Journal’s principles, which includes diversity and open discussion from all aspects of law while maintaining highest standards of professional integrity.

Lex Humanitariae: Journal for a change

(ISSN: 2582-5216)
About Us

Lex Humanitariae: Journal for a Change (ISSN: 2582-5216) is an International non-annual peer-reviewed Law Journal aimed at providing a platform to the original work of authors by way of open access system to reiterate the importance and multi-disciplinary approach of law.

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